When Was YOUR Wiring Last Checked?

Fulham Electricians have a huge amount of experience in providing commercial and domestic wiring and rewiring of business premises, houses and flats all over London, in particular Fulham and Putney in south west London, and the surrounding areas.

house wiring rewiring cables

It’s recommended that electrical cables are replaced every 25 years, as components can deteriorate which increases the risk of fire or electric shock. While rewiring is one of the most challenging home improvements a homeowner can face, we do everything possible to minimise disruption. If you’re not sure whether or not your home needs to be rewired, please get in touch and we can arrange a free visit to check things out, for your peace of mind. And if we do find there’s a problem, we’ll provide yuou with a fixed estimate to complete any necessary remedial works.

We understand the importance of making your house feel like a safe home. For over 20 years we’ve undertaken a variety of electrical projects, including complete renovations, re-wiring, lighting installation, and diagnosing / repairing problems. Over the years we’ve built close relationships with our clients and enjoy helping them see their home’s full potential.

We provide a full rewiring service for all types of residential property. Rewiring will probably be necessary if your property has not been rewired in the last 25 – 30 years. Partly to ensure it complies with current safety standards, but also because we use more electrical & electronic devices and appliances today than we did 20+ years ago.

Fulham Electricians handle everything from initial survey and quotation, to the safe installation of your new wiring and fuse boards + certification of the installation on completion. You can rest assured that all work will be carried out with minimal disruption and in accordance with all relevant regulations and safety standards.

A full rewire of a 4-bed house will usually cost more than a 2-bed property. Similarly, rewiring a kitchen extension will not usually cost as much as a full property rewire. We also offer partial rewiring for major renovations such as new extensions, garage, basement and loft conversions. Your new wiring will be earthed and cross-bonded.

Defined as ‘material alterations’, improvements to wiring in existing rooms may also be required to ensure it can safely carry additional loads, and meets energy efficiency requirements e.g., central heating controls, to comply with Building Regulations.

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