Smart Home Automation

Fulham Electricians can install Smart Home Automation in your home to remotely programme almost any suitable electrical or electronic equipment in your home. Remote control devices can be used to switch on lights throughout your home, programme your oven to switch on automatically, and more, even when you’re not home. While early home automation systems were limited to basic lamp timers and automated holiday lighting, today’s technology has evolved and the possibilities are endless. In addition to turning lights on and off, you can now lock your front door and check on your kids at home while you’re at work.

smart home electrics automation eith remote control via your smartphone

Not just for new-builds, home automation systems cabling can be retro-fitted. We can install the necessary equipment and upgrade your wiring to improve your family’s safety, comfort, convenience and enjoyment. Typical wiring upgrades include cabling for: CAT 5/6 communications, HDMI connections, speakers, COAX, fibre-optics, alarms, small power lighting controls.

There are a multitude of Home Automation controller systems available on the market, from simple push-button wall panels to systems that integrate with smart phone apps. We can advise you on which is best for you depending on your needs.

  • Automated lighting control systems
  • Single & multi-room entertainment systems
  • Data network & WIFI infrastructure distribution
  • Whole-house audio / video / TV distribution
  • Home theatre / cinema installations
  • Security, CCTV & access control systems
  • Remote access control including garden gates
  • Occupancy simulation e.g. lights & curtains

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