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Whether you need full rewiring of your home, investment property or commercial premises, Fulham Electricians are NICEIC Approved with over 20 years of experience keeping Fulham and London safe.

Domestic and Commercial Rewires London

Fulham Electricians is one of the most experienced and qualified electricians providing electrical rewiring services for homeowners and commercial properties covering Fulham as well as the wider London area.

We're NICEIC Approved, which means our professional electricians carry out rewiring to the highest standards and are backed by NICEIC Platinum Promise. In short, you're protected in the highly unlikely event that we deliver non-compliant electrical rewiring or we cease trading, giving you extra peace of mind when choosing Fulham Electricians.

In addition to being NICEIC Approved, our electricians are City & Guilds BS7671 Part P Level 3 Certified and carry 20+ years of experience, which means they perform electrical services above standard for maximum safety of your family or colleagues.

Fulham Electricians guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on all electrical services, including electrical rewiring for domestic and commercial properties. We believe it's helped us to gain 5-star reviews and become one of the most reputable electricians in South West London.

Whatever wiring or rewiring job you may need doing, get in touch with Fulham Electricians for a free quote today.

Does My House Need Rewiring?

We recognise that electrical rewiring isn't exactly the cheapest property maintenance task.

So, to help you determine whether the expense for your family or colleagues' safety is essential at this moment in time, we've included the signs that electrical rewiring may be required.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

The most reliable way to determine whether your property needs rewiring is to obtain an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

An EIRC is a professional document produced by a qualified electrician on the condition of your electrical installations.

Like your boiler servicing, an EIRC is the equivalent in the world of electrics and should be performed at regular intervals to ensure your electrics are safe.

However, the cost of producing such document is significantly less than a boiler or car service.

At Fulham Electricians, we carry out such assessments and produce the reports for homeowners, landlords and for commercial premises too.

Nonetheless, you could attempt to judge the condition of your wiring by following the clues and signs we've highlighted below.

The Fuse Box or Consumer Unit

The easiest clue to determine whether you need an electrician to rewire your property is by looking at the fuse box (in other words, consumer unit).

An old fuse box often has visible wires and is attached to a wooden board. If you've lived in a house for decades or recently purchased an old property, it's likely that you've got an old fuse box. This is a strong indication that your property requires a rewire.

Having said that, some old properties have new fuse boxes, and there isn't a safe way for you to determine whether the wires within it are old.

A qualified electrician can open the fuse box and check the colours behind it. If they're red and black, it would indicate the wires are from pre-2004, and your property should undergo a rewire.

However, if they're brown and blue, then it's unlikely you need to rewire the property as this electrical work occurred post-2004.

Sockets and Switches

Sockets and switches can sometimes be a good indication as to whether you need to rewire the property.

If the sockets are somewhat yellowish and seem to look outdated, it's likely the wires behind them are just as old.

However, some properties are rewired and the old-style switches and sockets were installed for a retro style or to keep in line with the traditional features.

On the other hand, your property could have new light switches and plug sockets to give the impression that a rewire was carried out, but in fact, the wires behind it are old.

Cracked Insulation

Cracked insulation, particularly, with an exposed conductor, is quite a serious electrical hazard.

This can cause a short where the live wire touches or arches the neutral wire, leading to circuit breakers being tripped and fuses being blown. In some cases, an electrical fire.

Cable Conditions

If the insulation is broken and the cables are visible, this in itself is quite dangerous.

However, if the conductor is visible (often thin copper wires), you, your family or colleagues could experience an electric shock and burns as a result of contact with live parts, an explosion, and fire.

Cable Colours

As mentioned, the colours of the wires are a huge clue as to whether the property needs rewires.

If they're red and black, you should consider a rewiring. Whereas, if they're blue and brown, it's unlikely depending on their condition.

For example, cracked insulation and rodent damage.

In this case, they would need rewiring.

Rodent Damage

If the electrical wires show signs of rodent damage such as chewing, then these could cause dangerous electrical fires. These should be replaced with rodent-proof electrical wires to reduce the risk of a house fire.


If your property has one or two plug sockets in the room or possibly at waist height in a bungalow, it could indicate that it has the original wiring, and therefore, may need rewiring.

How Often Should You Rewire a House?

It's advised that you hire an electrician every 25 years to perform electrical rewiring, but sometimes, it's best sooner (in the case of property renovation), or later following any advice in the EICR from a qualified electrician.

What Is the Cost of Rewiring a House?

The cost of rewiring depends on a number of factors such as your location and the size of the property.

Checkatrade estimated £3,900 for a 1-bed flat to £10,000 for a 5-bed house, while Household Quotes reckons from £2,000 for a 1-bed flat to £12,000 for a 5-bed house.

We recommend that you contact us for a free, no-obligation quote to rewire your house. Or, if you're not sure if you need rewiring, then request a low-cost EIRC.